Quifer Aluminium Rack & Pinion Actuators

Quifer Aluminium Rack & Pinion Actuators

The Actuator

Aluminium Rack  And  Pinion Actuators

Our Quifer Rack & Pinion pneumatic actuators are specifically designed for use with quarter-turn valves, sporting a wide torque range that ensures our actuators match the operational characteristics of plug, ball or butterfly valves; or any other device requiring precise and reliable 90º rotary motion.

Our pneumatic actuators are constructed of high quality material and undergo 100% pressure, leak and rotation testing before being dispatched.

The Result

An actuator that will remain fully operational under even the most severe service conditions. Our low-cost, high-quality models provide a reliable and cost-effective means of valve operation, ensuring a longer service life and lower overhead costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 90º spring return / double acting. 180º double acting & 180º spring return 3-position fail to mid (RPC).
  • ATEX & PED certified and CE marked.
  • GOST approval.
  • SIL3 rated.
  • Mounting faces according to ISO 5211 and VDI / VDE 3845.
  • Air Connections according to VDI / VDE 3845.
  • Drive shaft with square ISO 5211 and DIN 3337.
  • All components have high corrosion resistance. (All component parts surpassed the DIN 50021 SS 1000 hour salt spray test).
  • All models are externally adjusted for both Open & Closed positions. (only 90º aluminium versions)
  • All springs are preloaded, to ensure safety when removing end covers.
  • Inner cylinder bore honed to size.
  • Machined shaft and pistons. (Hobbed rack)
  • Shaft has an anti blowout ring.
  • Double sealing at the top and bottom of the shaft.

For operating manuals and further technical information, please visit our Downloads Page.


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