Scotch Yoke Actuators


We have recently supplied a £80K project to a UK valve manufacturer for 10 x Quifer scotch yoke pneumatic actuators.

Part of the project was for 2 pieces KSYM-5000 actuators which are the largest actuators Quifer have made. They are just over 3 metres in length weigh 1.7 tonne each and produce over 27,000NM


Not the kind of thing you want to drop on your foot!

Each actuator was fitted with Westlock switchbox, Stainless steel filter regulator, solenoid valve, quick exhaust valve and pressure relief valve using Stainless steel fittings & tubing.  The actuators had to close in less than 10 seconds.

Quifer actuators are made in Spain and are ATEX PED & SIL3 certified as standard.