Building services industry set to benefit from next generation actuator


The UK’s largest independent provider of valve automation products, Actuated Solutions, is launching a highly advanced general-purpose actuator to the building services sector. Available in Europe exclusively via Actuated Solutions, the HQ-005 electric quarter turn actuator packs a serious punch, making it an ideal solution for larger sized valves within heating and cooling systems, operating at high pressures. 

Building on the reliability and versatility of its bestselling HQ-004 product, the innovative HQ-005 adds further functionality and features that are sure to make it a hit. Key innovations of the HQ-005 include a high visibility beacon, LED status indicators and a manual override hand wheel for ease of use. It will also automatically detect 110v or 240v and whether AC or DC is present on the 24v option. Precision engineering, including a brushless motor for increased reliability, means the HQ-005 delivers an impressive 70% duty rating, and its hard-anodised finish is certified to IP67.

What’s more, a built-in electronic torque limiter will automatically cut the power, if required, to prevent damage to the motor. These new features - as well as 10NM more torque, aluminium body, and attractive price point -  are sure to make the HQ-005 an instant hit with businesses in the building services sector, as Actuated Solutions’ Managing Director, Paul Slaughter confirms:

“The HQ-005 is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with an actuator of this size. We thought we’d exhausted functional potential with our bestselling HQ-004, but we’ve managed to go a stage further with this new product and I’ll be very interested to see how the building services market reacts. Whilst the HQ-005 is fully interchangeable with the HQ-004, the 004 will still be available, but I am sure our customers will find the new features on the HQ-005 incredibly useful and, in some cases, game changing.”

The HQ-005 will act as an advanced alternative for the HQ-004 in many applications. Additional feedback switches and unique direct mounting system (covering F3, F4, F5, and F7), offer greater flexibility as well as functionality.

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