Actuated Solutions was started in 2003 as a joint venture between two friends and colleagues, Paul Slaughter and Chris Hickey. The pair previously held senior sales positions for one of the largest multinational providers of valve automation products. When the firm closed its UK office, Paul and Chris decided to embrace the opportunity and give the market what it had, in their ...

After almost 5 months of development and testing, Actuated Solutions Ltd (ASL), is pleased to announce the launch of a new company website. Built to the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 web technology standards, the site is totally mobile friendly and provides easy, instant access to ASL’s complete range of actuators and associated products and services. The site focuses on ASL’s core ...

Just months after the launch of the HQ005 actuator, the UK’s leading provider of valve automation products, Actuated Solutions, is announcing ATEX approval of its HQ006 electric quarter turn actuator. Comprising high quality electrical components and alloy gearing, the compact yet powerful HQ006 ensures more consistent and reliable operations and an extended life span. Meanwhi ...

Actuated Solutions, has announced the launch of its hotly-anticipated HQ-005 electric quarter turn actuator. Building on the reliability and versatility of its bestselling HQ-004 product, the innovative HQ-005 adds further functionality and features that make it one of the most advanced general purpose actuators on the market. ...

We are pleased to announce Quifer have been awarded GOST approval for their range of rack & pinion and scotch yoke pneumatic actuators. We can now offer pneumatic actuators with GOST, ATEX, PED and SIL3 approval. ...

We have recently supplied a £42k project to China for 47 HP rack & pinion & Quifer scotch yoke pneumatic actuators. 40 of the actuators were fitted with ATEX EXD Stainless steel switchboxes, solenoid valves & filter regulators while 7 pieces were fitted with the Valvescan partial stroke device. All the actuators were spring return fail closed and ranged from 330NM u ...

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